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This page is still under construction and I have no idea what over-the-top and glowing accolades I should bestow upon myself pretending to be someone else.

It might sound something like:

"MyronMac has been published in thousands of crap and has won awards all over the globe. He is sought after by kings, queens and celebrities. You must contact him for all your photographic needs or else your car won't start tomorrow morning."

Of course, none of that is true, but hey...what is now days? 



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American popular culture dictates the delusion that having a boat load of money is the only way to be happy. So that's why we pretend to be rich. However, scientific studies have proven over and over that people living just outside of economic poverty tend to be happier than multimillionaires as long as they live within their means. The quality of friends and family is the most important factor for one's healthy sense of subjective well-being or happiness.

Knowing that you're truly loved by good people is worth more than all the money in the world!